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Hello! With you as always I am Revenge, and again today, I decided to tell your subscribers about how you can make your own website or blog, it does not matter for a living or as a hobby, but not to pay the money immediately for hosting!

Let’s understand and see what we need to successfully create SITE OR YOUR BLOG ?!

The first thing we need to do is choose a CMS system to manage our site. As you know, I chose WordPress for its flexibility and ease of configuration, unlike other systems. He also leads the load on the server, because the free website needs less all shipping server hosting, otherwise it just shut off or be asked to upgrade to a paid fare, but I’ll tell you how to avoid it and try to earn on the Internet on his website, with little or no investment! An important step after setting up the installation of plug-ins and templates, plug plug ZenCache, he does not need to set up and once caches your site, thereby relieving the load on the server.
But where do we set the whole thing? I’ll tell you that for many years I use resources 000webhost hosting, it is in the United States and ping to it terrible, but nevertheless it is free. It so happened that they decided to start their CIS partner in the network and created a company Hostinger that offers the same conditions, and even better, and the server are located in Europe, which gives us more advantages and better responsiveness of our free website or blog at WordPress!
Registration can be passed from this link!
What is so good the hosting and why it’s free.
Free web hosting it is only conditional, it has a few limitations but they do not confuse us, because this gives us the hosting virtually unlimited resources but with little restriction in traffic and we do not need functions.
Hostinger offers us:
Automatic installation of the most popular CMS
FTP access (fees already paid) in free running File Manager
Access to the database
The absence of any advertising Hosting (important to us)
Bind your domain or free domain registration (very important).
All this makes it a leader among the CIS hosting centers that offer questionable free rates.
Yet there is a bonus system that will allow you to receive a variety of gifts and cash prizes or pay fees for the year, to attract new customers. How to attract and entice new customers, you must have guessed by reading this short article. I’ve got to spin 3 sites, attracted more than 20 people, and all for nothing.
The most important thing to remember is that — that your website or blog must be for the people and not robots! Write useful and interesting articles and you will always be regular readers! Successful initiatives you!

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