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Types of earning money on the internet — the list of the popular methods of earnings in 2016

Types of earning money on the internet — the list of the popular methods of earnings in 2016


Hello! If you come here, most likely you are interested in the question of earning online. In this article, I will tell you how you can quickly start earning money online without investment!

Earn Money Online
Many people want to earn money on the internet, and there is nothing to worry about. Earnings on the Internet — is a passive income that you can spend on anything. Most of the ways to make money on the internet, suitable for pupils, students, women on maternity leave. These methods do not require an initial capital investment and available to everyone, here on this, today we look at these types of earning money on the Internet!

Earnings in the Internet-per-click and the job

This is the easiest way to start making money on the Internet. There are many sites with offers such work, after registering on any of the sites, you will need to either perform the task (go to the site, wait 30 seconds, go to another page, make a photo, fill in the advertiser and wait for payment), or simply move on links and click on them, for which you will receive money. Speaking of money, money on the Internet is there, but just want to point out a couple of very important points:

What would you make so you need your whole life;
Perhaps only earn referral program, inviting others in.
That is why, I will not even publish a list of such resources as income on the Internet for clicks and jobs — not possible! Do not waste your time and do not be fooled, here we will learn to do what you can cut off the dough on the internet!

Earn Money Online writing articles

In one article I wrote that it is a good thing and the possible form of income online. This type of work on the Internet, is ideal for everyone, the only requirement is a literacy! You need to be registered on the stock exchange textsale articles, then you will be allowed to add their own unique article to which, in turn, will then buy the bloggers, and SEOs. There are several types of text for blogs:

Copyright — a unique text written by the author (you) nowhere previously unpublished on the Internet.
Rewrite — text that had already been published on the Internet, but was remaking (he rewrote you, in your own words), so it just becomes unique
Translation — text taken from any foreign site, translated by you personally or with the help of an interpreter and finished her with a file manually. Also unique is in most cases
Do not try to write the copyright notice and forget about it for the next six months. You will need to watch out for is and what is popular portals or blogs, to watch what is published there and then just re-write all the material in your own words, giving it unique. Then you upload your text to the exchange of articles and if the subject of your material someone interested, buy your article. It’s very simple, but really have to work!


This type of income is very interesting to the people who can really take off interesting and viral video, which smashed the internet in minutes! Do you have the ability to shoot unpacking of goods, do surveys, to teach people to do something right, or you’re just shooting beautiful video — make money on the video this is your option! Making the Internet on their videos, we’ll be using By registering on the site, make out your channel, be sure to change the settings in the country on the US and monetize video. Now after downloading and moderation of your video, you’ll pay for advertising to be broadcast while watching your video. The main thing that you need to know as a new video blogger, is removed at least once a week and make your video of the interesting and useful for people, then you will be able to gain a permanent subscriber base and stable views, and with which you will receive your income. There are people who manage to earn and hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions with affiliate youtube program. Definitely recommend to try!

Earnings on the Internet is interesting, it does not take much of your time and most importantly, that you are working on themselves! In the next article, I’ll share earnings views on the Internet, but no longer for beginners and for experienced PC users. I hope you will succeed, until we meet again!

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